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Bids on Content

(Last updated January 25, 2007)

Identifies valuable content

The simExchange Community values user submitted content through user bids on content. Articles, images, and videos are prioritized by their bids and how long ago the content was submitted. This makes it easier for simExchange members to view the best content very quickly.

Encourages more valuable submissions

Bidding also encourages users to submit content the simExchange Community is looking for and discourages users from submitting content that the community is not looking for because how you bid will result in the submitter receiving DKP awards or penalties. Each up bid will pay the submitter while each down bid will result in a penalty for the submitter. This is also the case with comments.

Predicts the value to the Community

Furthermore, bids are supposed to measure the value of articles, images, videos, and comments for the Community. To predict the value of content to the Community, you are also awarded 100 DKP for each person who bids the same way you do. This mechanism acts as a way to predict how useful a piece of user submitted content will be for the community.

Bidding mechanics

However, bidding is not exactly like voting. The simExchange is only seeking to aggregate opinions the user truly believes. For this reason there is a price to bidding on content (currently 100 DKP). All account adjustments from bidding are made to your Bid Trust and this total is added or deducted from your account at the end of each day.

To bid up, simply click the icon.

To bid down, simply click the icon.

Please see the Rules for more information.

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