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New Features Test - Monthly Futures included

We previously announced that the simExchange would be launching a futures market. This market is now ready for testing. If you would like to try this out, head over to the temporary test server.

These futures trade just like stocks except, instead of predicting lifetime sales, these contracts only predict sales for a certain period of time. Currently, all futures listed on the test server are month long future contracts. For example, a PlayStation 3 US March 2007 future contract predicts the number of PS3 units sold in the US in March 2007. The contract will pay 1 DKP for each 10,000 PS3 units sold when the contract expires. All contracts are judged using the source provided on the futures contract. For example, the US futures are judged using NPD data. A more detailed explanation on futures contracts is forthcoming.

The purpose of the test is to test the new futures trading system and the new server hardware. Tweaks have been made to the margin system. None of the trading, content submissions, or discussion posts on this server during the test will count for the simExchange normal game. Please test everything. Creating new accounts is not active on the test server so you will have to have an existing account to participate in the test. If you run into any problems, please report them using the Contact Us form on the regular web site, not the test server. The test will run through Friday night.

April 14 Update: The test is now over.

About Us - The simExchange is the video game stock market and the source for video game sales forecasts.

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