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Americans Continue to Wii Wait

Kotaku - July 3, 2007

Submitted by pilias_simber (122) at 7:35AM PST on July 3, 2007

Seven months after the console originally launched, Americans are still apparently lining up for the Nintendo Wii. Back in April, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated that shortages were "abnormal," and the company has done everything possible to jump start production. Quotes from customers line waiting to get a Wii: "You see it and you want it. Kind of like the iPhone." "The last two stores were sold out." "It's kind of crazy. I mean, it's been 7 months." "I just hate what you have to do just to get one." M'kay. It's so bad supposedly that some analysts don't see the supply catching up with the demand by next year. Since I live in Japan and am not on the ground in North America, I'd love to know: is it really that bad?

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