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Wii outsells Aussie rivals combined in July

Aussie-Nintendo - August 14, 2007

Submitted by rikitikitik (288) at 5:57AM PST on August 15, 2007

Updated lifetime sales figures of the Wii, XBOX360 and the PS3 up to July 2007 have been reported. Analysis of these numbers with previous figures have shown that for the month of July, Wii, with 31,654 units sold, managed to outsell both the 360 and the PS3 combined, with 13,495 and 11,775 units sold respectively. Although the 360 lifetime figures are still in the lead with 195k units sold, the Wii, 138k units is closing in fast. If current numbers hold, we should expect the Wii to surpass the 360 in 3 months. The recent 360 price cut may keep the status quo longer, however.

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