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Nintendo DS expected to reach 112 million by 2011

Kotaku - June 13, 2007

Submitted by pilias_simber (122) at 2:38PM PST on June 14, 2007

Analyst group Screen Digest has issued a report plotting the hardware futures of the Nintendo DS and Sony's PSP into the next decade. The group predicts, in their report republished at Gamasutra, that the Nintendo DS will reach sales of 112 million by 2011, with the PlayStation Portable lagging behind at 67 million units worldwide. The most staggering figure? Ed Barton of Screen Digest foretells that, in Japan, the Nintendo DS will be in 89% of Japanese households within four years. That's huge. My prediction is that we'll start to see the first Japanese babies born without vocal chords by 2023, as all communication in the nation switches to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. Also, fingernails will become more stylus-shaped and Iwataism will become the prominent religion. While the Screen Digest report doesn't seem like wild speculation, especially if you pay heed to Media Create and NPD Group sales reports, these are the same analysts who forecast the PLAYSTATION 3 to lead, with the Wii in third place by 2010. Anyone with a time machine willing to confirm any of this for us?

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