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PublisherTHQ StudioVigil Games GenreActionRelease Date01/5/10

This future contract pays 1 DKP for each 10,000 units of Darksiders (Xbox 360) sold in the US in the retail month of January 2010 according to the NPD Group. This retail month runs from January 3, 2010 to January 30, 2010. This contract expires at 11:30 PM PST on February 10, 2010.

A feel of the WrathofWar

Gamespot - April 1, 2008

Submitted by Refreshment (333) at 7:05AM PST on April 5, 2008

"Overall, the combat has a very stylized look reminiscent of such games as God of War and Devil May Cry. Helping the former comparison is the fact that so many of these enemies are massive, mythical-looking demons. We're told that the designers had such a good time coming up with these enemies that they all ended up looking like bosses, even when they weren't intended to be."
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Darksider Review

Lark Anderson - September 3, 2010

Submitted by apprentice (704) at 1:28AM PST on September 3, 2010

<score 8.0> Influenced by games like God of War and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Darksiders offers an expansive world to explore, with satisfying combat and intriguing puzzles to solve peppered throughout. Though it falls prey to a poorly fleshed-out story and overly complex controls that don't always work the way they should, Darksiders is nonetheless a thoroughly fun and visually engaging adventure that manages to take some old ideas and make them feel fresh once again.
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Charles Onyett - August 16, 2010

Submitted by apprentice (704) at 2:54AM PST on August 16, 2010

What is Darksiders? Think God of War meets The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and you'll have a pretty good idea of what it's like. Though it's not as good as either of those games, when you're taking elements from some of the best around, you're doing something right, and Vigil Games built in plenty of gameplay systems that fans of those titles, particularly the Legend of Zelda, should find familiar and enjoyable.
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Darksiders is a combat-focused action adventure!!!!!!!!!

gaming.hexus - January 20, 2010

Submitted by tea_007 (4305) at 3:25PM PST on January 23, 2010

If you have been looking for a good review of the recently released Darksiders for Xbox 360 and PS3 you may want to continue reading this post
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