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PublisherNintendo StudioNintendo GenreAdventureRelease Date11/15/09

This future contract pays 1 DKP for each 10,000 units of New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii) sold in the US in the retail month of June 2010 according to the NPD Group. This retail month runs from May 30, 2010 to July 3, 2010. This contract expires at 11:30 PM PST on July 7, 2010.

New Super Mario Bros Info - June 2, 2009

Submitted by Supertjjr (1036) at 11:51AM PST on June 13, 2009

Players start out as Mario, Luigi and a couple of coloured Toads - who knows if more characters might be available later? - and start the time-honoured scroll from left to right. The Wii remote is held laterally and the game uses NES-style controls - d-pad, 1 to dash, 2 to jump. That's it, save a shake that performs a spin-jump or, if you run into another player with dash also held down, picks them up.
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550K Day One in Americas

VGC - November 17, 2009

Submitted by apujanata (14935) at 6:14AM PST on November 17, 2009

Preliminary VGC estimates : it looks like New Super Mario Bros Wii has become the third fastest-selling game of the year so far in the Americas. The title had accumulated around 520,000 preorders as of last week and VGChartz estimates that week one sales in the Americas should come in at around one million units.
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Nintendo Pres:New Super Mario Bros To Outsell MW2 (360) 2009

Popzara Blogs - November 8, 2009

Submitted by yajimari21 (383) at 4:50PM PST on November 8, 2009

During an interview to promote Nintendo's upcoming holiday line-up, (Nintendo America President) Reggie Fils-Ame claimed to GameTrailers host Geoff Keighley that New Super Mario Bros. Wii will outsell Modern Warfare 2...but only under very specific conditions. Asked whether players will pick up more copies of Mario throughout the season, Fils-Aime was quite confident "Absolutely. I say that unequivocally."
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Eurogamer Review 9/10 - November 16, 2009

Submitted by NightWolf (355) at 11:24AM PST on November 16, 2009

"Who knew that, locked in the time-honoured traditions of Super Mario Bros., one of the greatest co-op games ever was waiting to get out? Well, Shigeru Miyamoto did. In unleashing it, Nintendo hasn't moved its classic series forward one jot; it hasn't had to. But it has given it a riotous new lease of life."
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