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How much money will Total Software Sales be in September?
(08/29/10 - 10/2/10)

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Total Volume52,413

How much money will Total Software Sales be in August?
(08/1/10 - 08/28/10)

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Total Volume58,295

How much money will Total Software Sales be in July?
(07/4/10 - 07/31/10)

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Total Volume60,843

There are no Metascore futures contracts listed for this game.

Metascore futures contracts forecast the Metascore a game will receive on Metacritic.

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September 2008: $616.09 million (Source)
August 2008: $550.67 million (Source)
July 2008: $591.1 million (Source)
June 2008: $872.6 million (Source)
May 2008: $536.9 million (Source)
April 2008: $654.7 million (Source)
March 2008: $945.6 million (Source)
February 2008: $668.7 million (Source)
January 2008: $610.6 million (Source)

December 2007: $2.37 billion (Source)
November 2007: $1.3 billion (Source)
October 2007: $513.9 million (Source)
September 2007: $653.6 million (Source)
August 2007: $488.0 million (Source)
July 2007: $419.2 million (Source)
June 2007: $543 million (Source)
May 2007: $380.8 million (Source)
April 2007: $399 million (Source)
March 2007: $574 million (Source)
February 2007: $441 million (Source)
January 2007: $549 million (Source)

December 2006: $1.7 billion (Source)
November 2006: $804 million (Source)
October 2006: $369 million (Source)
September 2006: $446 million (Source)
August 2006: $397 million (Source)
July 2006: $386 million (Source)
June 2006: $444 million (Source)
May 2006: $286 million (Source)

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Who's Going to Lose: HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, or You? - November 2, 2007

Submitted by feelmyring (351) at 8:54AM PST on November 3, 2007

"This war between Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD is extremely nasty, as members from each camp throw barbs at each other. Unlike the console wars, which has Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo actually expanding the overall videogame market, this next gen DVD battle is not helping consumers, retailers or anyone not affiliated with one of the two sides."
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NPD hardware sales wont be released to the public anymore

Newsweek - November 7, 2007

Submitted by pilias_simber (122) at 7:22AM PST on November 6, 2007

"Beginning with the October sales data, which is due later this month, NPD is going to cut way back on what they share on a monthly basis with their non-paying customers, i.e. media. What does this mean?
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GTA IV smashes day one sales record

MCV - January 1, 2008

Submitted by Sanderson1 (1446) at 10:01AM PST on April 30, 2008

Data obtained by MCV from official UK industry monitor ChartTrack shows that Rockstar’s GTA IV has become the fastest selling game ever in a 24 hour period. Total online and High Street sales for the game hit 609,000 in one day. 335,000 copies were sold on Microsoft’s machine – 55 per cent of sales and a new record for the console. GTA IV sold 274,000 copies on PS3 yesterday – 45 per cent of all sales and another format record breaking performance.
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NPD introduces subscription tracking for games

NPD - February 11, 2008

Submitted by sonycowboy (515) at 6:17AM PST on February 11, 2008

PORT WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, February 11, 2008 Leading consumer and retail information provider, The NPD Group, today announced the release of Subscriptions Reports, quarterly reports addressing the competitive and growing market for online subscription-based products in the PC Software, PC Games and Video Games industries. Issued quarterly, these reports track the market for paid online subscriptions and renewals.
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