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What Metascore will Killzone 2 receive?
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PublisherSony Computer Entertainment StudioGuerilla Games GenreShooter
Release Dates02/27/09TBATBATBA

This stock represents the global sales of the next installment of the Killzone series that will appear on the PS3. Killzone 2 is a working title that is subject to change. The game will be the third in the Killzone series, following Killzone (PS2) and Killzone Liberation (PSP). The game has become notable as its budget has surpassed that of any other entertainment production in the nation of Hollandís history. This edition of Killzone will be translated into 20 different languages for localization around the world.

For those new to the series, Killzone features space-age first person shooter action, often compared as Sonyís response to Halo. The series pits the solders of the ISA against the invading armies of the Helghast Empire. Little is known about the game play of Killzone 2 at this time. The game is expected to feature online multiplayer and downloadable content.

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Killzone 2 dated February 2009 - May 6, 2008

Submitted by vGInfidel (150) at 11:04AM PST on May 6, 2008

Live from Sony's PlayStation Day 2008 in London, David Reeves has just announced Killzone 2 for February 2009, ending speculation that the game would arrive this fall.
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Sony Expects Metal Gear Solid 4 Type Sales From Killzone 2

Kotaku - January 8, 2008

Submitted by necron101 (15) at 8:07PM PST on January 8, 2009

An unnamed and unconfirmed Sony employee reportedly told game site V For Video Games, "“It would be a lie to say Sony has not invested heavily in Killzone 2 and each individual at Guerilla games has worked even harder to satisfy any expectations kept by the company and their loyal community. I do see the game breaking a barrier with a huge variety of groups and expect it to see sales as good as Metal Gear Solid 4 if not beyond it."
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IGN Killzone 2 Review 9.4/10

IGN - January 29, 2009

Submitted by soupsoup (237) at 11:22AM PST on January 29, 2009

Killzone 2 is only a short month away from hitting shelves, but the game will definitely be worth the wait. The single-player experience is a truly enjoyable campaign across the Helghast home world that will test your skills, particularly on the higher difficulty levels, and the game simply looks phenomenal for a console shooter.
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Killzone 2 has speedy run to 500k sold

Joystiq - April 9, 2009

Submitted by oznerol (1) at 3:16PM PST on April 9, 2009

Maybe it was that snazzy commercial or those poor souls who confused it with Dead Space, but Killzone 2 has set a sales record, becoming the fastest first-party PS3 title to reach 500,000 units sold. Scott Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing at SCEA, added that the game is the highest-selling SCEA PS3 title for the first 30 days out of launch, saying the company was "extremely happy with the results."
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