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PublisherBlade Interactive StudioBlade Interactive GenreAction

Blade Interactive has finally taken the wrapping off its next-generation project Hydrophobia, which is due for release sometime in 2008 <br /> <br />It's a third-person action game for PC, Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 that revolves around that stuff we all take for granted, water. <br /> <br />The action takes place on an enormous ship, which more closely resembles a floating city than a ship. It comes under attack and you'll be drafted in to go below and sort out the damage. You being Kate, who just so happens to be terrified of water. <br /> <br />Hydrophobia takes water simulation to the next level. The developer reckons it's the first team to really tackle the physical properties of the stuff, simulating the currents and devastating effect it can have on its environments. It also looks pretty snazzy. <br /> <br />And given that the puzzles and action are all more or less based around the liquid, Blade's confidence in its engine is reassuring.

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Hydrophobia To be released in March

Eurogamer - November 14, 2008

Submitted by OuterHaven (570) at 12:36PM PST on November 14, 2008

Blade Interactive has told Eurogamer that its watery action game Hydrophobia has spilled into March 2009. The studio will also self-publish the title that we had previously expected in the latter half of this year. Hydrophobia is a third-person action-adventure game set aboard a ship, and based around water-focused physics puzzles; players can use the liquid to wash away baddies or to clamber up to what appear to be unreachable area
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Blade mentioned that Hydrophobia is going to be a game like...

QJNet - April 11, 2007

Submitted by kspraydad (475) at 12:43PM PST on May 8, 2007

Blade mentioned that Hydrophobia is going to be a game like no other with the title utilizing the company's "groundbreaking technology." This mentioned technology is known as - what else? - the Hydro Engine.
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Hydrophia Backstory

Blade... - January 1, 2007

Submitted by kspraydad (475) at 12:45PM PST on May 8, 2007

Hydrophia Backstory
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