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How many copies will Yakuza 3 sell in the US in March?
(02/28/10 - 04/3/10)

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PublisherSega StudioSega GenreAction
Release Dates03/9/1002/26/0903/12/10TBA

from Wikipedia:
Yakuza 3 (Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! in Japan) is the third installment in the Yakuza video game series. It is being developed and published by Sega exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game was leaked by acclaimed Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, revealing that the game will not be set in modern day as the previous installments have been, but rather in the Edo period in 1605. There will be four fighting styles in the game; fists, one blade, two blades and big blade. Heat moves will now be special moves that the player can execute, but these have not been specified as of yet.

The game is set for release in early 2008 in Japan, while North American and European releases are not confirmed at present.

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Yakuza 3 Ships More Than 500,000 Copies

n4g - March 19, 2009

Submitted by felipedmoreira (378) at 4:15PM PST on March 19, 2009

Sega announced today that Yakuza 3 has shipped more than 500,000 copies in just 3 weeks in Japan, and the Yakuza series has shipped 3.2 million copies globally.
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Yakuza 3 Sold 300,000

kotaku - March 2, 2009

Submitted by felipedmoreira (378) at 3:19PM PST on March 3, 2009

If this figure is correct, it would mean that Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 has already debuted in the top ten PS3 game life-to-date sales. As impressive as 300,000 copies sold, it falls short of PS3 first week Japanese big boss Metal Gear Solid 4. The stealth action game shifted 465,000 units.
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Yakuza 3 US release date announced: Never

Examiner - July 29, 2009

Submitted by noobie (468) at 6:04PM PST on July 29, 2009

Earlier this evening, I was talking with a friend, Mr. Ray Almeda, who works in the Sega marketing department, and we did some catching up and had a bit of small talk. Before our conversation ended, though, I asked him about the current status of Yakuza 3 coming stateside. He gave me a blunt answer: No Yakuza 3.
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Yakuza 3 debuts at No.1 in Japan

gamesindustry - March 5, 2009

Submitted by felipedmoreira (378) at 9:02AM PST on March 5, 2009

Sega's PlayStation 3 title Yakuza 3 has topped the Japanese charts on its first week of release, with 372,000 copies sold. That's according to data from Media Create for the week ended March 3, where six new releases entered the top ten.
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