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Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
Best Platform Game

IGN - July 20, 2007

Submitted by sbrousseau (673) at 7:30AM PST on July 25, 2007

Nintendo calls Super Mario Galaxy the first worthy successor to the now-classic Mario 64, and it's easy to understand why. Like the pioneering N64 effort, Galaxy takes an old genre, the platformer, and makes it feel brand new again with a fresh spin on some tried-and-true play mechanics. This time around, Mario explores entire galaxies, jumping from planet to planet while battling recognizable enemies from the Mushroom Kingdom. Each satellite that the plumber traverses not only looks vastly different - some resemble glass capsules and others seem more inspired by classic Mario 64 or Sunshine levels - but also features unique weight and physics, a truth that plays cleverly into advancement.

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