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PublisherNintendo StudioNintendo GenreConsole
Release Dates03/27/11TBATBATBA

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3DS Amazon UK's most preordered system ever

Sinclair - March 17, 2011

Submitted by apprentice (704) at 4:00PM PST on March 20, 2011

Nintendo handheld tops PlayStation 3 as online retailer's best prerelease performer with 20 percent more reservations and a week left before launch. While the March 25 launch of the 3DS in the UK is likely to draw a significant number of eager gamers camping out overnight to get their hands on the new handheld, one retailer has found that more customers than ever before are willing to order online and wait for the mail carrier to make the rounds.
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Nintendo 3DS Goes on Sale in Japan, Game Fans Line Up

Bloomberg - February 26, 2011

Submitted by Demon_Gaara007 (343) at 9:43PM PST on February 25, 2011

Bic Camera Co., a Tokyo-based operator of electronics store, sold all of its 3DS stock in one day when the handheld became available for pre-order on Jan. 20, said Kohei Ueda, a spokesman, without elaborating. Culture Convenience Club Co., which operates Tsutaya stores, also sold out on pre-order, spokeswoman Mari Oshiro said. Nintendo reiterated its September plan to ship 4 million 3DS units in its first month to prevent shortages.
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Nintendo 3DS cracks 5 million in a year

Yahoo - February 20, 2011

Submitted by afsplat (130) at 12:51PM PST on February 20, 2012

Nintendo's newest handheld will turn one year old on February 26, the anniversary of its Japanese debut, and can celebrate its first anniversary having passed 5 million domestic sales.
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Nintendo 3DS and Historical Handheld Pricing

Gamespot - January 30, 2011

Submitted by apprentice (704) at 2:13AM PST on January 30, 2011

Taking a trip down memory lane with Nintendo's previous handhelds we see one basic trend. If we throw out the outlier that is the Virtual Boy, Nintendo largely stuck to sub-$100 price points until the Nintendo DS was released. At that point the company moved up to the $150 and $170 ranges, with the DSi XL at $190. The Game Boy Micro was an update to the Game Boy Advance, hence its lower price point.
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