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How many copies will Monster Hunter Tri sell in the US in April?
(04/4/10 - 05/1/10)

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PublisherCapcom StudioCapcom GenreAdventure
Release Dates04/20/1008/1/09TBATBA

Monster Hunter 3 is the third installment of the hack and slash series. Previously announced as PS3 exclusive, Capcom revealed that it will be Wii exclusive.

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Monster Hunter 3 - Online Detailed

VGChartz - July 24, 2009

Submitted by noobie (468) at 4:14PM PST on July 24, 2009

Monster Hunter 3 will be releasing August 1st in Japan. On the same day at 10am, the network service will become available. There are some free deals for people who want to test the online features for either 20 days, or 90 days. After this though, players will have to pay for the online by purchasing "Hunting Tickets". The prices are as follows... A 30 day ticket - 800 Wii Points A 60 day ticket - 1500 Wii Points A 90 day ticket - 2000 Wii Points
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Monster Hunter Tri Ships Over 1 Million Units

VGChartz - July 29, 2009

Submitted by noobie (468) at 2:19PM PST on July 29, 2009

It's no joke that Monster Hunter is ridiculously huge in Japan. With Monster Hunter Tri releasing this Saturday in Japan, it's showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the initial Japanese shipment of Monster Hunter Tri has surpassed 1 million units!
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Monster Hunter 3 moved to Wii

ShareWatch - October 10, 2007

Submitted by Just_Ben (112) at 4:14AM PST on October 10, 2007

"Due to high development cost of titles for PS3, we have decided to switch the platform to which we release our Monster Hunster 3 title," Capcom managing corporate officer Ichii said.
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Overseas MH3 confirmed

Siliconera - May 10, 2009

Submitted by mrahaju (9) at 8:26AM PST on May 11, 2009

Until now Capcom was coy to confirm it, but Monster Hunter Tri is without a doubt getting an overseas release. Their 2008 financial results presentation states Monster Hunter Tri will come out in “FY 2009″ or, in plain English, sometime between April 2009 - April 2010. Monster Hunter Tri comes has an ambiguous summer target in Japan. I wouldn’t expect a domestic release until this winter.
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